about us

Aviyan Power Company Private Limited is the hydroelectricity development & operating arm of Aviyan Group founded on the 8th day of Poush, 2079. At its core, Aviyan Power Company is committed to supplying energy for a sustainable future with its unwavering commitment towards sustainability, innovation and dependability.

Since its inception, the company has rapidly ascended as an emerging player in the Nepalese energy sector, driven by a vision to be the leader in hydro energy in Nepal. At the helm of Aviyan Power is an accomplished leadership team, spearheaded by Mr. Baburam Thapa guiding the company with a focus on integrity, innovation, and environmental consciousness specializing in renewable energy generation, with a primary emphasis on hydropower, Aviyan Power harnesses cutting-edge technologies to deliver efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions to the Nepalese energy landscape.

As Nepal evolves towards a greener energy paradigm, Aviyan Power stands as a beacon of progress, poised to lead the charge in powering a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

Mission & Vision

At Aviyan Power Company, our mission is to be an emerging force in the Nepalese energy sector guiding the nation towards a sustainable and inclusive future. We are dedicated to pioneering innovative technologies and practices that harness the power of water flowing through our rivers for prosperity. Our commitment extends beyond powering homes and industries; it encompasses a sense of responsibility and commitment towards building a better future where the energy is abundant, clean, sustainable and accessible to every individual. Through unwavering integrity and a passion for excellence, we aim to be at the forefront of the energy revolution in Nepal, creating a lasting positive impact on the world.


Our vision at Aviyan Power Company is to stand as a beacon of sustainability while being synonymous to integrity and excellence. We strive to be the catalyst for the energy revolution in Nepalese energy sector by breaking boundaries with constant push for innovation, environmental and social governance, and sustainability. We aspire to become a known force in the Nepalese energy sector driving economic growth and prosperity of the nation as a whole.